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At McArthurGlen we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and wherever viable seek to minimise our environmental impacts and those of our Brand Partners.

We are committed to finding solutions to environmental issues and are working towards a long term sustainable business plan. This is achieved through our policies and targets which are set by the Group Health, Safety and Sustainability Committee and endorsed at Board level.

Waste & Recycling

McArthurGlen sets annual waste to landfill reduction targets and is constantly researching new recycling streams. Across our portfolio we recycle the following waste streams to name but a few:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Organic Waste
  • Pallets
  • Coat hangers
  • Toner cartridges

N/B recycling streams vary at each Centre and within each country depending on the facilities and technologies available.

Where viable we also utilise waste-to-energy plants and send organic waste for anaerobic digestion.

Energy & Water Consumption

Our aim is to improve the quality of service we provide to our Brand Partners and to our Investors by maintaining the highest level possible in energy performance.

We also recognise the local and wider implications associated with more responsible management of the use of fossil fuels and water resources and the minimisation of pollution and waste in terms of the environmental and financial impacts.

Steps taken in recent years to reduce water usage include the installation of push and infra-red taps, use of toilet cistern water hippos and waterless urinals in the Customer toilets at various Outlets. Steps taken in recent years to reduce energy consumption include the fitting of energy efficient and LED lighting schemes, dual speed escalators, motion sensors for lighting in areas of infrequent use and timers fitted to heating and lighting controls.

The UK Centres record utilities data every half an hour and so can monitor and target all wasted kilowatts of electricity and gas consumption and cubic metres of water.

Many centres have fitted high speed energy efficient hand dryers, reducing tonnes of paper sent to landfill and saving up to 75% of power compared with a standard hand dryer.

The majority of our Designer Outlets use ‘green’ energy i.e. from a source considered to be environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

Biodiversity – Cheshire Oaks’ Protected Newts

Our Cheshire Oaks Designer outlet is home to a species of protected newt and Team members have been involved in the conservation of the newt’s habitat. In order to comply with planning conditions relating to the construction of Cheshire Oaks, it was necessary for us to introduce an annual programme of ecological works. These works are required to ensure the favourable conservation status of the conservation areas at Cheshire Oaks is maintained.

Cheshire Ecological Society has been commissioned by Cheshire Oaks to undertake a programme of ecological works and monitoring visits to ensure that the relevant planning conditions are fulfilled. Four ponds are currently located within the conservation area. The ponds are maintained in such a way to offer the great crested newt population a suitable aquatic habitat. To ensure that the great crested newt population is being maintained at a favourable conservation status we undertake a number of annual monitoring visits to establish continued great crested newt presence, breeding success and larval development.

Between March and September three torch night survey visits and five daylight monitoring visits are undertaken in accordance with our agreed monitoring schedule as is additional work to repair the ACCO fencing that protects the area, the vegetation work and grass strimming. The monitoring has resulted in us identifying the presence of good numbers of adult great crested newts and the positive impact that the enhancement works has had on the population of newts.

York’s Wildlife Work

The Fulford Community Trust maintains the orchard at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet York and gives the fruit produced to vulnerable persons within the Fulford community. McArthurGlen entrusted the orchard to the Fulford Community Trust in 2009 in full support of their environmental education programs and activities.

Community recycling banks are available in the York Designer Outlet grounds for use by the general public. York has also hosted children’s workshops with a focus on ‘growing up green’ where the children planted seeds and participated in garden crafts. We are also a corporate member of the Yorkshire wildlife trust which promotes wildlife projects throughout the region. We actively encourage wildlife to the grounds, through the provision of nesting boxes and by planting out specific plant species. The grounds have a variety of species living in the 60 acres.

Environmental Awards & Accreditations

All of our Centres in the UK, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and Austria have achieved ISO 14001 accreditation. In order to achieve accreditation, we have had to develop and implement an environmental management system and in order to maintain this accreditation we must demonstrate continuous improvement. In addition to external annual audits which are carried out by the Accreditation Body, the standard requires internal audits and checks to be undertaken by McArthurGlen. All UK Designer Outlets have participated in Environmental Audits carried out by the British Safety Council with Ashford, Bridgend, Cheshire Oaks and York achieving a maximum score of Five stars. All UK outlets will be working to improve their scores throughout the next 12 months.

McArthurGlen has been awarded 52nd place in the fourth annual edition of The Sunday Times 60 Best Green Companies 2011 our first ever application attempt. Competition for inclusion in this list is intense with only those organisations demonstrating the highest environmental standards making the final edit.

Carbon Footprint

At McArthurGlen we’re committed to minimising our environmental impact and making a positive contribution to the communities in the developing world. We work in partnership with Childreach International to offset our emissions from our Headquarters in London.

Childreach International’s Family Energy Project is an innovative project that provides families in the developing world with access to life-changing renewable energy technologies. The project not only reduces Co2 emissions, but fights poverty, slows deforestation, keeps children in school and protects women and children from life-threatening diseases. The project provides households with a solar cooker, lighting system and water purification system.